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Native Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading is a technique that is on it's way towards wide support in modern browsers. Accelerated Domains automatically adds the loading=lazy attribute to your <img> tags if no loading attribute is set.


This feature can be completely disabled for any Accelerated Domain on request. Get in touch with Servebolt Support if you want this feature disabled.

Native Lazy Loading Browser support#

Can I Use Lazy Loading For more information see

Make Accelerated Domains ignore a specific image#

There are two ways of making Accelerated Domains skip adding the loading="lazy" attribute to an image

  1. Add attribute acd-skip-lazy to the <img> you want Accelerated Domains to skip
<img src="/image.png" acd-skip-lazy>
  1. Add loading attribute to the <img>. This can be either just loading or loading="eager"
<img src="/image.png" loading>
<img src="/image.png" loading="eager">